What is the Process of Smile Design?

Unlocking Your Dream Smile

Smile design is a dental procedure that creates a straighter, whiter, and more naturally beautiful-looking smile. Smile design can do wonders for a person’s confidence by helping them love their smile again, but it can also help restore full dental health to a person.

Decoding the Smile Design Process

First, you’ll talk with your cosmetic dentist to customize and plan for your personal smile design. We’ll work with you to discuss any underlying dental issues and help you achieve your dental goals, whether that be a better smile or all-around better dental health.

Then, we’ll help you create a timeline to help plan for any event or social function you want your smile design done by. From there, any dental diseases are taken care of and a dental hygiene visit is completed. Patients are encouraged to bring photos of how they want their teeth to look, either from celebrities or photos from their younger selves.

The patient and cosmetic dentist then sit down to discuss issues like the arrangement of teeth, teeth position, and the overall effect this procedure will have on their appearance. They then make an individualized plan before the teeth are prepared.

Treatments for Smile Designs

Each patient is different and the plan of action is made specifically for that individual. Common treatments include veneers, crowns/bridges, teeth whitening, or dental implants. With these treatments, you’ll have your dream smile in no time!

Who can get a smile design?

Any person who wants to look younger is a great candidate for a smile design. This process can help take years off your appearance. Anyone who wants to have more confidence in their smile is also a good candidate.

Talk with your cosmetic dentist today to see if a smile design is right for you. Everyone deserves to have healthy looking teeth and have confidence in their smile. Here at Sound Dental, we’re here to help give you that. Call us today at 252-247-6704 to set up an appointment to start getting your smile design plan made.

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