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You deserve a bright, white smile with our teeth whitening treatments. Achieve confidence in your tooth color.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Morehead City, NC

Many people are bothered by dulled or yellowed teeth, which can detract from their smiles. Discolored teeth can be linked to poor hygiene, aging, and tooth fragility, which are brought on by various factors.

Professional teeth whitening treatments can help achieve a brighter smile, sometimes in just one session. The treatment involves applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth and then activating the gel to release oxygen ions. These ions penetrate the teeth, breaking down interior and exterior stains to achieve a brighter appearance. This bleaching process is highly effective and safe, with minimal discomfort.

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  • What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

    Teeth whitening brightens your smile which can raise confidence, and help you appear healthier and happier, and younger—even more energetic. This can go a long way in improving your overall appearance and can sometimes be achieved in just one treatment.

  • How is professional teeth whitening performed?

    Our office currently offers two different types of professional whitening services: in-office and custom-made trays.

    • In-office. These procedures start by covering up vulnerable areas inside the mouth, including the lips and gums, to prevent exposure to the peroxide. Then, we apply a high-concentrate hydrogen peroxide gel directly to the teeth and activate it. You will rest comfortably for a short time until the gel does its work. Then we remove the coverings and rinse the gel away.
    • Custom-made trays. We will take a custom mold of your teeth to make clear trays that you take home, along with a whitening gel. These trays will help minimize the risk of whitening gel affecting your gums or mouth and you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is place the whitening gel inside the trays and place the trays in your mouth.
  • How do I whiten my teeth at home?

    If you’re looking for a teeth whitening remedy without coming to the dentist, there are a few simple things you can try at home like brushing with baking powder, rinsing, and brushing occasionally with hydrogen peroxide (cutting the peroxide in half so you are using a 1.5% solution and not a 3% solution, which is common for over-the-counter), brushing or rinsing with apple cider vinegar, eating more fruits and vegetables, good nutrition is important for oral health too, limiting foods that stain your teeth such as soda, coffee, and wine, limiting your sugar intake and always remember to brush and floss twice a day.

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